Hasta Tension

A unique innovation created by us in the Hasta group

There are occasions when you need a blind but cannot or do not want to screw in your windows. In modern buildings there are often aluminium frames that are part of the supporting construction. In those windows it is not aloud to screw and it can be hard to find a sun shading solution. 

Hasta Tension is a friction roller blind that stick to the window by tension. The springy mechanism has friction pads that stick to the wall when you screw and expand the length of the roller blind.

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FAQ about Hasta Tension

What measurement shall I note on the order?

When ordering Hasta Tension you shall always note the exact width of the window niche and we will make the roller blind so it matches your window width. Measure exactly in the place where you will put the roller blind in case the window is not completely straight. 

In case you have a window that is very irregular in its shape, check so it doesn’t vary over 1 cm on each side in the window niche. Then there is a risk that the roller blind will hit the window frame when you roll it down.

How deep must the window niche be so that Hasta Tension will fit?

For Hasta Tension to stick to the niche the whole part of the friction pads must be in contact with the inside of the niche. Therefore the niche needs to be at least 6 cm deep.

What fabrics can I combine with Hasta Tension mechanism?

All flat roller blind fabrics can be combined with Hasta Tension both plain, blackout and screen fabrics.

Effect fabrics like double fabrics or other special function fabrics cannot be combined with Hasta Tension.

How careful do I need to be when measuring?

For the best result you need to measure very carefully. Hasta Tension has a tolerance of +-1.5 mm.

But remember! Even though Hasta Tension has some tolerance the best result will always be when you measure exactly.

How wide will the fabric be?

Since Hasta Tension is expanded to fit in the window niche, the difference in total width and fabric width is dependent on how carefully you have measured. If you have measured carefully the bracket will add 1,5-2,5 cm on each side of the fabric.

Child safety

Roller blinds, roman blinds and other blinds that are adjusted with ball chain or cord can be a risk for small children. At Descotex we work hard to make our products safe and we have developed solutions that keep the chain out of reach of small children. 

The Hasta Tension mechanism kit includes accessories to make it child safe.